AMY Robotics has launched the newest product AMY A1 and M1, the intelligent mobile service robots characterized with speech interaction, autonomous navigation, telepresence, SDK and cloud platform services that is powered by sophisticated technology and cloud computing.

she can understand speech and make conversation with people in noisy environment, recognize specific people and say hello to him/her, follow a person in front of her with command “Hello Amy, follow me” and move to a place autonomously by saying “Hello Amy, go to the kitchen with me” to her and more. She can perform a surprisingly wide variety of tasks.

Especially, the SDK enables new sophisticated skills, content, features to be created for different working scenarios , provide access to the data acquired by the raw sensor data, and much more. With the SDK, people literally without any knowledge of robotics can use this high-level software and advanced robotics hardware in a simple but powerful way to create functional and useful robots applications that can provide valuable services use their creativity and programming skills.The beta version SDK of Amy has been sent to some partners from banks, hospitals, research institutes and smart home providers etc. The SDK and development platform will be announced in summer 2017.


Here are the differences between AI and MI.

A1 M1 Other
Complete machine weitht 15 kg 15 kg
height 1.1 m 1.1 m
speed 0.5 m/s 0.5 m/s
head screen 10.1 inch 10.1 inch
screen resolution ratio 1280*800 1280*800
battery capacity 20Ah, 14.8V 20Ah, 14.8V
average battery lasting time 6h~8h 8h  * Amy can charge by herself
Master control CPU 8-core ARM CPU+4 core Intel CPU 8-core ARM CPU+4 core Intel CPU
Sensor microphone pick-up range 5m 5m  * In quiet enviroment
3D camera 6m 6m
camera resolution ratio 720p 720p
speech interruption Y Y
voice wake-up Y Y
echo cancellation Y Y
Laser N/A Y
auto induction 1.5m 1.5m
Navigation detection range 4m, 300㎡ 10m, 300㎡
localization accuracy 20cm 10cm
Other features function customization N/A Y