Company Profile

Amy Robotics

Creating social value

As the world's leading expert in service robot customization, Amy is committed to building world-class home and business service robots through cutting-edge technology and revolutionary intelligent solutions. In 2017, Amy Robotics Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as "China's Top Ten Most Potential Commercial Robot Companies" published by the China Artificial Intelligence Robot Industry Alliance (CAIA).

Leading R&D

Amy is a fast-growing technology-driven company. Since receiving funding, it has invested a lot of resources to build its own technology platform. A large number of domestic and foreign experts with doctorate, master's and bachelor's degrees have gathered for the research and development department, which shows that the team's education and technical level is very high. At present, Amy has its own independent technology, including chassis driving, shock absorption, voice interaction and noise reduction. It is the most comprehensive company in China and can successfully develop the entire robot independently.

Core Technologies
  • Indoor mapping

    SLAM (simultaneous localization & mapping) with lidar/RGB-D camera for indoor environment reconstruction in 2D/3D. Can provide floor plan over 10000 sqm and also a 3D representation of smaller scenarios.

  • Path planning

    The fusion positioning accuracy of lidar + VO + IMU is ±10cm. Carry out optimal path planning according to environmental conditions to achieve flexible obstacle avoidance and shortest arrival time.

  • Front-end voice
    signal processing

    Noise cancellation, voice enhancement, voice activity detection, direction of arrival, beamforming, we can improve the voice interaction of the robot by improving the SNR under various background noise conditions.